Across two worlds

I’ve been carrying you

in me for so many years.

I’ve been missing you

all the way long.

The surreal is the world

where our bond relives

where for few seconds

we cross our ways

at random,

at a mystical force’s mercy.

Here I am hanging in

uncertainty, out of balance

feeling stranded, frightened.

I step into our neutral land

I soar in search of you.

The angel approaches, waves,

and takes me on his wings.

We fly

higher over the physical.

I see grey houses, dark trees

motionless streets.

We land at sunrise

to an immense field

where you wait smiling.

I run to you, tears trickling

I feel their warmth

which is odd since it’s


I feel your strong arms

around my waist: happiness,

peacefulness seize the inner me.

 It’s hard to leave you here and

go back. I will be bearing you

in my veins, my mind, my heart

 bearing you alive in me

 New day, one breath for you