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We would like the world around us to change and this is how it would be more comfortable for each one of us. Yet, the people around us and the circumstances we go through are a continuous challenge to improve ourselves and to enrich our inner lives. 

Based on my readings in spirituality and psychology and at the same time based on my personal thoughts, I am writing this blog on how we can experience life with inner peacefulness, unconditional love and joy. I hope it offers inspiration to you to increase your awareness about the personal potential for making the most of your life with joy in the heart and a heartfelt smile on the face.

When you have a grip on the personal blockages and self-imposed limitations, you have the chance to tap into your true self where your talent, creativity and ingenuity resides.

“Each thing has to transform itself into something better, and acquire a new destiny” (Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist). Let’s stop procrastinating and start discovering today our new destiny, where new sides of happiness unravel to us each day.

I am a Romanian who has been living in Helsinki for more than ten years. I have a PhD in Economics, a Finnish husband and two sons.

Life has taught me that when you think you know yourself, something happens which boggles your mind and makes you wonder. Do I really know myself? Especially when living in a multicultural environment, the question “Who am I?”, pops up quite frequently.

I invite you to embark with me on a journey of writing on the theme, “Even if I think I know myself, I am open to live with curiosity and humbleness of understanding more about myself and the big mystery called LIFE”. Please consider subscribing to my blog, giving it a like on Facebook or following it on Twitter. Or you can just read it anonymously when you feel like reading about discoveries into happiness. In any case, your visit would honour me!

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  • c_nastase

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on happiness and finding your innerself. Since discovering your blog I eagerly read all your posts usually in train on my way to work :).

    • http://twitter.com/DiscoveriesInto Oana

      Thank you kindly for your feedback! :) Happiness has been discussed for centuries but each generation has to rediscover it. And each individual needs to find out the deeper meaning of happiness and how to build his/her life based on that. :)

  • cld1

    you are an insightful, thoughtful and eloquent individual imho. thank you or sharing yourself.