Human connection – a beautiful and rare thing

One of the most miraculous aspects of life is the human connection that people are able to establish with one another. When you feel emotional connection, soul connection or mind connection to another human being, life becomes more meaningful. Yet, strong connections are rare to find, especially when the people around seem to be satisfied living disconnected.


Loving someone with whom you have a strong human connection is one of the most precious gifts that life can offer to you. Feeling his moods, being able to read his thoughts, hearing him speak out the very same thing you yourself were thinking are examples of such a connection which is not a fiction of Hollywood movies. It can happen for real and when it does, you get the feeling of being one with your man and with God.

Having a sibling, a parent or a close friend with whom you exchange text messages at the same time or who calls you few minutes after you’ve thought about them give the feeling of belonging to a group of individuals for whom you’re important.

When an authentic human connection exists between two people, time and distance can’t weaken it. For example, on the rare occasions when I meet a former university friend who lives in another country, it feels very natural to spend time together. We talk as if we met yesterday – the connection is there, we just update it with the physical presence.

Human connection may be so valuable to me because I find it is such a rare thing to find. I live in a world where I feel disconnected from most of the people I interact with on a daily basis.

Based on Dr. Brene Brown‘s studies on human connection, there are two types of people. There are people with a strong sense of love and belonging and to whom it is easy to connect to. And there are other people who struggle for such a sense.

Intuitively, I feel that there is another type of people who don’t even struggle for a sense of connection because they don’t have the need to belong to anyone or anything. They are some kind of human lynx who enjoy the solitude of their fortresses.

How can someone with a strong need of love and belonging, survive in a place inhabited mostly by human lynxes?

To my mind, the solution is to never stop looking for people with whom it is easy and natural to connect. It may be as hard as swimming in the Grand Canyon, but it is worthwhile. Because a life without strong connections is a life spent superficially where people are just polite with each other (in the best case), but they don’t bother to tune into each other to feel their inner most beings.

There was a time when I was against social media as a means of connecting to people. After further consideration, I find it to be a great means to virtually connect with groups of people of similar interests. And if you are daring enough to meet some of these people in person, you may be rewarded by finding a friend for life.

Then again, strong connections can’t be forced. They are there before two people even meet. They only get activated when the meeting occurs. Therefore, until you are blessed with meeting such a person, pray in silence while you are living the best that you can. Serendipity can make it happen and while you’re waiting in line at the supermarket, you will meet someone with whom you will discover a special connection.

I believe you are meant to meet some people. They are like some fallen Angels who come into your life to cherish you and take you to your next level of personal growth.

So, if you are one of the people with strong need to connect and if you are surrounded by other type of folks, you should not stop believing that you’ll survive until the next encounter with a wonderful person with whom you’ll connect and sparkle!

I’d love to hear your perspective. How easy is it for you to connect to people? Why is it or isn’t important for you to connect to others?