A tiny bit of nostalgia can’t be that bad

We wouldn’t be human beings if we didn’t feel nostalgic once in a while. We easily miss the present by getting lost in the memories of the good old times. Undoubtedly, we need to learn how to stay present to our daily experiences in order to discover the authenticity and depth of the surrounding reality. I wonder though if a tad of nostalgia can help us be more prepared to live the present?


I believe in the healing effects of mindfulness. By learning how to stay focused on the task at hand, we can become more aware of our emotions and improve our wellbeing.

One mindfulness technique is to focus on the breathing in our body whenever we feel we lose touch with what’s going on at the moment.

For example, whenever I realise I am too much into my thoughts and don’t cherish the presence of my toddler, I take a deep breath, I leave aside any other task I  might be doing and delve into playing with him.

His laughter is melting my heart. I feel blessed for sharing that moment with him.

Yet, there are moments when nostalgia kicks in and I let it be.

Nostalgia is human

I want to feel the “don’t forget the loved ones” type of nostalgia.

It’s my way of keeping in the heart the people whom I dearly loved once but who passed away. I indulge myself in the past where I can still see their faces and hear their voices.

It was a sunny day, one of the first days of late Spring, as it usually is in Helsinki. I was with my toddler at the playground and I started a game of the mind. I imagined how they would play with him.

My grandfather would have played hide and seek with him.

My uncle would have cracked some jokes and did a few hocus-pocus tricks.

My grandmother would have just waited for us with some pancakes when we returned from the playground.

Sometimes, the past and present are one

Where were we? Ah, on the playground, my son is playing in the sand.

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, compensating with some cold, for the warmth of the sun rays.

Without the past, we wouldn’t have the present. Thanks to the people who loved us once, we have a frame of reference for loving in the present.

Nostalgia awareness

I believe that it does good to us to invite the past in the present every now and then. In my case, nostalgia comes with a precious reminder that love is the only thing which is eternal. I received it in abundance, now it’s my time to pass it on.

It does good to us to travel back in time as long as we are able to maintain a faithful memory about the past. If we are truthful to the past, we can tell better how we turned into who we are today. And we’ll feel more comfortable about who we are today.

We were not perfect back then. We are not perfect now. But we can try to become the best that we can be.


How about you? Do you get nostalgic often? How faithful recollection of the past do you believe you have?


  • http://www.facebook.com/muriel.rollison Muriel Rollison

    We moved in 2007, I mourned the loss of my old life in Virginia where we lived for 16 years, I wa not ready to let go my past now I know why… I forget everyone and things changes with time. you don’t see it while you are in it but once you move away from it coming back to see your past you realize that everyone and everthing changed . It took this visit in 2012 that I CAN leave the past behind with a smile . I found out that I am the ONE who has change the most. Coming back to Virginia during my stay, I can now close this chapter of my Virginia life, finally letting go of my past life some of my Virginia friends, I am ready too see to see it in a different I NOW am letting it all go. It was good while it lasedt but for me now I have come to release, relax and let GO.
    I will always come to revisit my one and only daughter her, husband and Grandkids also any body I met here that are still my friends who will always be a part of my life. This was a wonderful visit, I had the time of my life with my daughter as she now starts her new life…. God bless love to all…..

    • http://twitter.com/DiscoveriesInto Oana

      I am happy for you, dear Muriel, that you understood you’ve changed and it’s time to let go of the past life in Virginia where you had fond memories. And now you have your daughter to see there, so time for new memories. :)

      Stay healthy and take all the joy that you can from the now! :) Cheers